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Available products: All CDs and Books are fully packaged

(digital downloads are available for less at OutBoundMusic)

  • NEW! - to be released soon - COUNTRY WESTERN album (official title TBA) ... (CD/$15.00)
  • "And I Love You So" ...(CD/$15.00)
  • "My Texas" ...(Book & read-along CD)>>>Please click here to order My Texas...
  • Additional "Creative Ideas!" booklets (includes Fun Pages) for "Lone Star Lullaby" ...($2.00 ea. - includes S&H!)
  • "Song for a Christmas Night" ...(CD/$15.00)
  • "Sleep Well, Little Children" ...(CD/$12.00)
  • "Lullabies & Ladybugs" ...(CD with "Ladybug Picnic" story/$15.00)
  • "Lone Star Lullaby" ...(CD with "Creative Ideas!" booklet & Fun Pages/$15.00)
  • >>>"Lone Star Lullaby" ...(CD ONLY/$13.00)
  • "The Ladybug Picnic" - (Audio Book w/ CD narrations - $10.00)


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